Hard Drive Destruction and Data Security

Hard Drive Destruction

A hammer doesn’t destroy information…

Many times people are misinformed to think beating on the outside of a hard drive and smashing it thin will make the hard drive unreadable. This concept is simply not true.

Within a hard drive are two elements that factor to the availability of the information stored there.  The platters of the hard drive are the physical element that stores the drive’s information and there is also a magnetic field that renders information readable.

We offer secure hard drive destruction.

The destruction process includes shredding the drives down to 2”- 3” pieces destroying the platters.  The second step to the process includes degaussing, this eliminates an unwanted magnetic field thus rendering the hard drive unusable…forever.

Our Hard Drive Destruction Services includes a Certificate of Hard Drive Destruction complete with serial numbers and date of destruction.

This is your proof that you have fulfilled your responsibility to your customers, students or patients to protect and maintain confidentiality of their records and information.  This method is in compliance with all Federal Security Laws such as FACTA & HIPAA.

We now offer on-site hard drive shredding!

We bring our shredder to your location and destroy your hard drives and back up tapes while you watch.
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Data Security Tips

Don’t forget to protect your employee’s payroll and personal information; don’t store your hard drives away to be stolen or misused in years to come.

Nearly every digital copier contains a hard drive just like your computer which stores an image of every document scanned, copied or emailed by the machine. Make sure you remember to take this into consideration when selling or recycling your old equipment.

Make sure you only store sensitive information on your mobile equipment (laptops, smart phones, flash drives, etc.) if absolutely necessary. Instead keep your personal and financial information on a secure server or home computer. If you do need to store sensitive information on a mobile device consider encrypting your information.

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