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The average home in the U.S uses about 11 electronic devices at a time, if not more. With new technology constantly being introduced to the world, from bigger TVs to faster phones, sleeker smartwatches, and even more versatile printers, technology also becomes obsolete and unusable. When a device can no longer be passed down, given away, or used at all, where is the first place you decide to bring it? Well, it should be a municipal recycling event near you.

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How can once-revolutionary technology become a burden to the environment?

Raw materials such as oil, iron, gold, palladium, platinum, copper, and critical elements are found in a collection of electronics. They play crucial roles in products that affect our daily lives and our very own communities if not disposed of properly. These elements and materials are mined straight out of the earth, transported, and processed.

These processes of just creating electronics require:

  • large amounts of energy
  • produce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Pollution
  • Drain our natural resources

After the electronics are in your home, even the palm of your hand, it starts to age. When an electronic is no longer useful to you, maybe it ends up on a street corner or smashed up and in your garbage can.

However, disposing of electronic waste improperly can lead to:

  • Higher costs for future electronic devices due to lack of resources
  • Pollution of toxic materials, locally and globally
electronics recycling helps protect the environment

How can recycling electronics help my city or town?

By participating in an organized recycling event, you’re ridding your home of clutter from outdated devices, helping the environment, and keeping your town accountable for pollution far and wide.

How can I find a recycling event in my town?

At Responsible Recycling Services, we are committed to helping create a better environment through the recycling of electronics and other devices.

To participate you can:

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