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Without question, technology has been an integral part of our lives. It’s allowed us to communicate with others, spread information faster, and enjoy entertainment in various ways. However, the rise in technology, and the sudden need for new and improved models, creates an environmental problem: the rise of electronic waste.

How Electronic Waste is Recycled

E-waste refers to electronics that are near the end of their useful life and thrown away. These electronics include computers, TVs, cell phones, and many more devices that we use daily. 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide every year, yet only 20% is formally recycled. When e-waste is thrown into landfills instead of being recycled properly, it could lead to pollution. Toxins such as lead and cadmium from these electronics can seep through the soil and taint the air, causing harm not only to the environment but to humans as well. That is why recycling matters and why it’s necessary to dispose of electronics safely and sustainably. At Responsible Recycling Services, it is our mission to protect the earth’s resources and guarantee that your e-waste is recycled properly.

electronics recycling

How are electronics recycled?

Since electronics contain materials such as metal and glass, they must go through an extensive process when being recycled.

Step 1: Collection and Transport

First, the e-waste is collected and transported to recycling centers and plants to begin the process.

Step 2: Shredding

The e-waste is then shredded into small pieces to make it easier to separate.

Step 3: Magnet Separation

Metals such as iron and steel are separated with magnets. In some processes, other metals like aluminum, copper, and brass are separated.

electronics recycling

Step 4: Water Separation

As opposed to metals, glass and plastics are separated with water to remove contaminants from the stream.

Step 5: Preparation for Sale

After all the materials have been separated and collected, it’s prepared to be sold as raw materials for new electronics to be made!

When we recycle electronic waste, we ensure that not only is it handled responsibly but that is revitalized for future use. Do you have electronics lying around that need to be recycled? Contact Responsible Recycling Services today to ensure you’re recycling your e-waste properly!

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