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Proper hard drive destruction is so important. Taking a hammer to it is just not enough. and in this digital age, companies everywhere have been converting their files and data to digital files instead of hard copies.

Digital files are a great alternative for the environment. It also helps save space while making it easier to get information quickly. But when it comes time to destroy digital information it’s just as important to ensure proper destruction like you would with shredding documents.

Hard Drive Destruction
Smashing a hard drive with a hammer is not enough to protect your information.

Can’t I Just Smash My Hard Drive?

Digital files are a great thing, but the issue lies when computers break or companies update their equipment. Many people think that smashing a hard drive to destroy it solves all of their security problems, but this isn’t actually the case. Instead, they need hard drive destruction to make sure the information is disposed of properly.

Within a hard drive there are two elements that play into the availability of information. There is a physical part of the hard drive, called a platter which stores the information, and there is a magnetic field that renders information readable. If both elements aren’t disposed of properly someone with knowledge of hard drives can possibly get a hold of the sensitive information located on the hard drive.

How Hard Drive Shredding Works

Hard drive shredding is done by a machine that destroys hard drives in a way that breaks up the platter so none of the information can be retrieved. This machine is like a paper shredder, but it is specifically designed to shred electronics.

Hard Drive Shredder
Hard drive shredder.

This shredder works by completely grinding up every piece of the hard drive. Smashing or drilling holes in a hard drive can still leave some pieces of data viable. Using a hard drive shredder ensures that every part of the hard drive is grinded up. Hard drive shredding can give you peace of mind when it comes to your sensitive data.

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